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MangoBass Consulting


We stay busy at MangoBass Consulting! These are some of our most recent or noteworthy projects.

TwitterCast, DodgersNation

We built a custom script for DodgersNation that responds to realtime game data to drive engagement and sales in-game. Tests conducted during Spring Training 2020 indicated a 5% conversion rate, with higher rates anticipated during the regular season.

Odds Comparison Grid, NBC Sports

Enlisted by Genius Sports Media (GSM) to architect a data layer for frontend developers to interact with their new Streaming API, we led the development of a price comparison tool for sports bettors, which had been sold to NBC Sports and received interest from other top-tier sports publishers. The tool aggregates real-time data from 10 different sources, some internal to GSM and some external from various sportsbooks (casinos).


Accessibility Training, Thinkful

Provided training to students and mentors to promote higher accessibility standards at the coding bootcamp.